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Dry Creek Cottage



Tucked away in a small area in the foothills of Union City is a small summer cottage with a large garden through which Dry Creek snakes through. Dry Creek Cottage sits at the end of May Road, just off Mission Blvd at the end of Whipple Ave.

The land on which the cottage now sits used be owned by Jonas B. Clark and was used as a picnic grounds during the late 1800's. The gala event of the year during pioneer times was May Day, celebrated at the picnic grounds.

In 1884, August May Sr., bought the land and named it Dry Creek Ranch. In 1900, August May Sr. passed away, passing the land to his wife Sophia. It was Sophia that built the cottage. Upon Sophia's death, the land passed to her daughter, Bertha S. May. Bertha married Henry Haight Meyers (hence the other name for the cottage, Meyer's Ranch).

The Meyers had three daughters, Edith, Mildred, and Jeanette. In 1951 the sisters revived the tradition of gathering at the cottage, and hosted events at the cottage, which now included a swimming pool and cabana. People would come to stroll through the gardens, on pebbled paths and crossing the different foot bridges over Dry Creek


In 1993, the last surviving sister passed away and gave the land to the East Bay Regional Park District. The District is reworking the gardens to their former glory. New bridges have been built over Dry Creek after the older ones had sucummed to the occasional flood.

The District has plans for opening up the Cottage to the public, but they must first do some additional restoration and bring up the facilites to meet newer requirements.

On 23 Oct, 1999, Tim Swenson, Vice President of the Historical Museum, volunteered for "Make a Difference Day" and helped out in the Dry Creek Cottage Garden (along with a number of local Girl Scouts). Tim was able to get some photos of the cottage.



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